Enjoy spinning around?! Take a spin on our brand new ride!! It spins and swings you all around making a fun ride for all!

Water Wars & Down Pour Derby

Water Wars & Down Pour Derby

Time to cool off and get some revenge by launching water balloons at your friends and family. You get one bucket of balloons per turn. Launch your balloons from a protected cage where the balloons hit your opponent’s roof and bursts into thousands of drops of water to drench your […] Continued

Tornado Ride

If you like spinning in circles this ride is for you! This popular carnival ride has six pods that seat 4 each and moves in a big circle. Each pod is controlled by its passengers and can be twirled in a circle separately, thus creating even more spin, like a tornado!

Spider Zone

A challenging climb through the webbed straps that is rewarded by a ride down a large 20 foot inflatable slide. Parents are allowed to assist children- but beware the larger you are the more difficult it is—your child will probably surpass you!

Mini Bowling

Four lanes of mini bowling is a delight for all ages. Play under our black lights for additional excitement. Plays just like regular bowling except the ball is smaller and lighter so children can enjoy the game. Ten frames per game.



Rock Wall

Challenge yourself by climbing our 24 foot rock wall. Admire the Georgia wildlife painted on the mountain side as you go higher. Press the horn at the top of the wall to let all your friends know you reached the peak! You and your friends will have a blast conquering the rock wall.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship has come in and dropped anchor! A fun ride for the younger children. This amusement ride takes riders on a wonderful voyage. It swings from a slow start to the rapid swing, which makes passengers have feeling of traveling on sea.

Miniature Golf

Get your golf club and colorful ball at the Putt Putt Hutt and enjoy our beautiful 19 hole miniature golf course. The course has a variety of challenging holes nestled around our three ponds and waterfall that will bring you back again and again! The relaxing sound of the water fountains and natural landscape will […] Continued

Max Flight

Like Roller Coasters? You will love this roller coaster simulator as you rock and roll and even go upside down. Don’t eat a big meal before this trip! You must be over 48” to ride and have two passengers participating.

Laser Tag

Our “space themed” 3000 square foot laser tag arena is fun for all ages. The arena consists of a maze and has many obstacles that glow under the black lights which provide great hiding spots as the fog surrounds you and your competitors. You can challenge individually or as teams. When you finish your 15 […] Continued


Jump, bounce and slide on our colorful inflatables. Whether it is the obstacle course, giant double slide or combo jumper, kids will have fun and get some exercise. A perfect choice for birthday parties for the very young.

*Socks are required and are sold at Funopolis for only $1.00 if you forget to bring your own.*

You […] Continued

Mini Go Karts

The mini go karts will make the younger guests happy as they can drive themselves on this small electric go karts around an inflatable track.

Go Karts

If The Temperature Is Below 45 Degrees OR it is raining or snowing The Go Karts Will Be Closed.

Take a spin on our single or double seated go karts. Challenge your friends, families and co workers to a fun race around our multi curved family track. There is no bumping allowed but with the tight […] Continued

Bumper Cars

Round and Round and round you’ll go if you hold the handles just so! Or you can go forward and backward to bump into the other bumper cars. A fun experience for all ages as long as you are over 44” tall. Make sure to enjoy our rainbow color wall made up of computer CDs. […] Continued

Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats

Enjoy a cooling ride on our colorful bumper boats in our beautiful pond. Have fun getting wet by bumping, squirting and traveling under a waterfall as you go through a cave. Observers can also get in on the fun by spraying the riders using one of two squirt guns located alongside the pool. You […] Continued


As you enter Funopolis you will be amazed by the sights and sounds of our 120 arcade games. Whether you are looking for exciting video games or want to play games for tickets that can be exchanged for prizes, we have it all! Our large redemption center is packed with a wide variety of prizes […] Continued